Monday, 30 May 2011

Shop Local

Flicking the TV channels today, I heard more of the doom and gloom that Australia will face if we continue to shop on the internet, supporting other countries and not our own.

It really has me thinking about whether we actually save money by doing international internet shopping, or whether we are buying surplus to our needs and actual save no money at all. Whatever the case, it certainly has me rethinking how I spend my hard earned money and I encourage you to do the same. I really love browsing in little stores. I love nothing more than going to one of many awesome bookstores that we have here in Sydney. I really want to be able to do that. They provide wonderful advice and service - often lacking in an internet purchase. But without our support, these little guys will not survive in the fickle world of retail. And it of course is not just limited to bookstores!

This subject is close to my heart, as I have the privilege of managing a cute little store. We are supported well by locals and crafty types who can come to the store and appreciate the efforts that go into orchestrating what you see as you step inside. We are a place where you can browse, ask, talk, learn a new skill, shop and be inspired. We love providing this environment. It's wonderful to see the delight of a customer going home with a new project that they are excited to start. We love that you are learning new skills that are old skills, passed onto us by someone who cared enough to teach us.

It is your perogative to spend where you see fit, but please, remember, your spending does affect this country, which in turn will affect you and your children. I think it is also fair to say that international internet shopping comes with a fair share of gamble as you do not get to touch, feel and experience your goods before purchase. So it is not respectful, nor fair to think that you can enter a local store and view it as your personal catalogue for your future internet purchases. This unequivocally is not ok. Ever.