Friday, 28 August 2009

Deluxe Pedicure

Normally one would usually find themselves sans children when going for a pedi. How then, did I get roped into having one done by a 3 year old? Deluxe isn't it!

The Gentle Art of Multi Tasking

I'm a firm believer in multi tasking. I love to have a multitude of things on the hop at once, whether it be those of the domestic kind or perhaps the creative. Whatever it may be I like to mix it up. Yesterday however, I came unstuck. I was talking to a good friend whilst making a cake. Now when I mean talking, I'm talking real talking, not just how's the weather talking, but, real talking, like;

"Hey, I cut out ten girls dresses yesterday" said friend.

To which I respond as I pull myself off the floor at the thought of cutting out ten girls dresses in one sitting,

"Not in all the same fabric I hope".

And on we ramble for long periods of time as to the specific fabric chosen and the methods to which we sew our things together. Blah, blah.

This is where I came unstuck. So caught up in the Amy Butler pink peony choice of fabric I was, that as I was making chocolate cake, I forgot a main ingredient. Unfortunately, it wasn't the flour - which possibly could have resulted in a fairly decadent cake. Nooooooo......I forgot the sugar! And to add insult to injury, only discovered this on removing the odd looking cake from the oven. Now, had I been a bowl licker I would have discovered this ill fated mishap and been able to rectify it. But I'm not and I didn't.

So I made another. Better second time round. Decorated with sisterly love for the pre birthday bash.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

The Itchy Dress

This little Japanese book is super sweet. So super sweet, that I've made one of the dresses in the book twice this month. The first was for here, in some gorgeous natural linen. And the second was for Phoebe in a little lineny, cottony, Lisa Ho - y, not to surey of the composition fabric. Of course, on the first (and final fitting) she declared that it was itchy (read - you will have to bribe me big time mama to get a shot of me in this thing) and that she wanted a pink one. A PINK ONE. Are you kidding? So, I will make a pink one soon.

Note: Jewels, models own

Itchy, itchy,itchy. Get it off!