Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Sweet treat

This gorgeous package was a Christmas present from my sister Anna. The tin was full of gorgeous Japanese fabrics. I tell you, I just love having it sit in my sewing room. I open it, look at them, pull them out and them pack them all back away. Reoccurring theme of my life. It was such a gorgeous gift and something that will be well used over time. But, for now, they are just for looking!

Well, that's until you add 3 children and a bed and then this happens...........

Interesting Oliver. Trying to look mean I think.

Saturday, 26 January 2008

Liberty Love Continued.....

Finished the dress this morning. It was a bit touch and go with Phoebe pushing me away and saying "like". I read that as don't like. But after a bit of coercision I got it on her. Albeit a little too big, it is so sweet and hopefully will be loved for many a year to come.

Friday, 25 January 2008

Liberty Love

Today, I sewed a little. Here is a sneak peek. Hopefully I will finish it tomorrow. It's a dress for Phoebe, that over time will turn into a top, and then who knows, a quilt maybe. It's made from the Liberty stash and it's so nice to sew with!

Good Night Moon. Oh brother love. How lucky is she to have a big brother that actually reads to her......and loves it!

Hubby love

For Christmas, Pete gave me a new Cath Kidston doona cover. I decided to cut into my stash of Cath Kidston and make myself a cushion cover. Just plain bleached paisley with a pink gingham binding. Sharing one cushion was becoming a problem, so I decided to make him his own. But it had to be a bit more boyish than mine. So I thought it the perfect opportunity to use up some of my blue and red cowboy fabric. Anyway, this what I came up with. I think he likey.

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Dolly Bangles

I used to call myself Dolly Bangles when I was little. But more often I would call myself, Choccy Bangles Football Froggy Watermelon Iceblock! I'm thinking that they must have been my favourite things. Not sure about that Football though - still not a fan. I'm still known to many by this name today, in all different forms. My little nephews - Noah and Oskar, just call me Choc. I dare not say that name in this house though, as Phoebe wants the real thing when she hears it!

Recently I thought I should make some real dolly clothes for Phoebe's often naked dolly. I was so excited when I found this great, real doll clothes pattern from the Simplicity archives. I couldn't resist this cute, sheet like, Japanese fabric from Spotlight, that just screamed - "make me into a cute 1940's dolly dress, now!" So I did. And here it is. No midriff showing tops on dolly in this house!

Now, back to my name, maybe I might modify it to my current favourite things. How about, Choccy Bangles Pale Pink Peony Fabric Frou Frou Vintage Crafting Summer Mama?

Tuesday, 22 January 2008




Ahhh, transformation in the button area of my house. Before there were buttons everywhere. Everywhere. On cupboards, in dishes, on the floor, in this box and that. I dreamed of that cutesy tin button box from Cath Kidston for many a day. It's now mine. And it's full. And I now have reason to take my spare buttons straight to it! And I dream of the day when my children's children want to play with all those buttons inside.

Monday, 21 January 2008


Just deleted a post. Not happy Jan. Phoebe would say poo to that - and she'd touch it too!

Sewing stuff

Have had a little bit of inspiration arrive in the mail last week. Nothing like the anticipation of a package to arrive. Nothing like the package arriving! Anyway, amongst my goodies was this great book - Feedsacks! Beautiful Quilts from Humble Beginnings by Edie McGinnis. Such a gorgeous book. It's a great read - some quilt books are just a "great look", but this is a "great read" too! I fell in love with my sister's copy and resisted until I could resist no longer.

The book inspired me to pull out my stack of feedsack stuffs. Vintage quilt blocks and a top, some feedsacks too. I really love stacking them up, rearranging them, dreaming of where they have been and what I could do with them and then putting them away again. Actually, I do a lot of that, except I'm not so good at the putting away bit and that leads to mess. Good mess though.

Wednesday, 2 January 2008


Pete is back at work today, after having the Christmas break at home. We miss him!

The boys have a friend over and are playing happily in their room with Nintendo. Phoebs is sleeping, so I'm doing a few odds and ends in the handsewing department. I've just finished two cushions for Phoebe's baby doll - made from some bits and pieces in the scrap box. I'm tossing ideas around for a quilt design for my brand new niece - Scout.

Having Pete at home since Christmas has meant that I've been able to sew a little more than usual, so I've got cracking on Henry's quilt and should have the top complete soon. Yay!