Monday, 28 December 2009

Anthropologie for D. Ogilby

Tardy, yes, I know! The USA trip was sooooo long ago, but I still have so many photos to share, so share I will.

These ostrichs were Amazing (note the capital A). The detail was super Amazing.

Oh, to have a cluster of oils like these at home.

Love the quirk.

Anthropolgie was one shop that I was really looking forward to visiting when I reached the States and that I did in a few states, consuming many an hour. It was everything I had wished for x 10. Just wish it was here in Australia (anyone with some excess $$$ that wants to try and buy a store for Oz - feel free to email me, happy to help)! Anyway, I was allowed to take photos of their great merchandising and gorgeous products, so here are some.

Now, no need to despair, I'm told by Anthropologie that they will mail order to Australia by the end of January.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Nu Yawk Cont.

Here are some snaps of New York, through my eyes. Things I loved looking and marvelling at.

Ladies, ladies, ladies, so, so cool. Sitting opposite Purl.

These buses are so good. So old school to me.

Big paper flowers in Kate's Paperie.

Love the names of some of the streets. Combine it with good shoes and bingo, we have a winner!

Check out this amazing potted colour outside a Ralph Lauren store. Very big, very beautiful.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Start Spreadin' The News

My trip was a long time coming, so I was so excited the day I was leaving Australia for the fact that I could finally call my nearest and dearest and greet them with my deepest Frank voice and sing "start spreadin' the news.....I'm leavin' today......". I followed this theme up on our last night in Houston as we were drifted off to sleep at about 2am - I think -when the room was quiet and the other two girls had almost drifted off, I thought it high time to start spreading the news, because indeed, tomorrow we were leaving for the big lights of the big apple! Ahhh, funny!

First stop Grand Central Terminal. Aptly named. Amazing, beautifully kept building in very grand proportions.

We purchased a weekly ticket and away we were to Soho. So cool this place is, uber cool. Such a feast for the eyes.

Cool guys, a very regular experience in New York.

Christian Louboutin's famous red soles walking Broadway.

How my sister would have loved this! Can you imagine the frenzy you would send customs into if you tries to bring this home? A whole episode of Border Security dedicated to the deer methinks!

Saturday, 31 October 2009

Happy Halloween!

Happy Hallowen! Here are some more Martha Stewart-esq pumpkins on stoops. If only they weren't $24 for a small one here in Sydney. Somehow a Queensland Blue just wouldn't cut it!

Thursday, 29 October 2009

More Houston

At Quilt Market there were quite a few traders of vintage treasures. We spent long periods of time at all of them, time well spent as they had great stuff.

Bad photo. Amazing quilt. Gorgeous chaise.

Quilting hall of fame? Stars in the pavement? No, just Kaffe and Lynn checking out Lynn's, just purchased vintage beauty. Full of eclectic glory this quilt will be treasured for many a year to come.

Deb talking the talk with Brandon.


From Napa, it was down to Houston, Texas to meet up with Deb. We wagged Schoolhouse and went shopping instead. Anthropologie again, plus all the other all American places we could fit in. Saturday was the start of Quilt Market. It's big! Here are some of the things we saw.

Amy Butler's new range - Love. A quilt at the Westminster stand.

Amy Butler's stand. Too shy to ask her to pose for me - although, being the all American, sweet as pie gal she is, she would have.

More Amy.

Heather Bailey's pretty stand. Must have got over my shyness, because I did ask her for a photo - it's just too blurry!

Anna Maria Horner's stand featuring her new gorgeous line of voile fabrics. Her oh, so cute babe was there too! But back to the fabrics - can't wait to have a play with these, they are super pretty.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

After San Fran, I headed up to Napa to stay with some of our friends. Napa is a beautiful town surrounded by other beautiful towns like Sonoma and of course the beautiful wine growing region. It's nice to get out of the big cities and experience a slower pace of life and just take in the beauty around you. I was so endeared by the street our friends live it, I could have moved in! I walked the streets early in the morning. It was crisp and quiet and only a squirrel running about, possibly stocking up for the winter to come. The homes are quaint and often dressed for Halloween - very Martha Stewart! This street was lined with poplar trees and some type of fir trees. The leaves were starting to turn, I can only imagine what Christmas would be like.

The French Laundry. The famous restaurant of chef, Thomas Keller. One of quite a few that he now owns in Yontville. Across the road from The French Laundry is their garden. It is super stunning as it looks across the nearby valley.

Some vines! Wow! Taken to show hubby. Prettiest wine growing area I've seen. Maybe some quilt related stuff tomorrow......

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

San Fran Continued

Anthroplogie! Oh, Anthropologie. How you consumed so many of my hours. This place is fantastic. The visual merchandising is to die for. We very much need this store in Australia! Anyone out there willing?

The famously crooked Lombard Street in San Francisco. Check those tight curves!

The Trip

Few would know that I've recently returned from a recent trip to the U. S of A. Few are waiting patiently for some photos, so here they are. It would be very easy to start at the end in NYC, however, I'll start at the very San Francisco.

My first stop, Britex Fabrics. A San Francisco institution from what I can gather. Four floors of goodness and oh so overwhelming. I managed to find some vintage lace, some Liberty and the directions to Anthropologie.

A quick stop at Union Square to look up.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Granny Squares

Dear Cate,

You have taken crafting to a whole new level. You go girl. But I'm not sure I like it! Granny squares are meant for the couch, me thinks! Nevertheless, you are still gorgeous and you are still our Cate.

Your friend in craft,

Friday, 11 September 2009

Suffolk Puff

A weekend challenge for all the crafty girls out there...........

Friday, 28 August 2009

Deluxe Pedicure

Normally one would usually find themselves sans children when going for a pedi. How then, did I get roped into having one done by a 3 year old? Deluxe isn't it!

The Gentle Art of Multi Tasking

I'm a firm believer in multi tasking. I love to have a multitude of things on the hop at once, whether it be those of the domestic kind or perhaps the creative. Whatever it may be I like to mix it up. Yesterday however, I came unstuck. I was talking to a good friend whilst making a cake. Now when I mean talking, I'm talking real talking, not just how's the weather talking, but, real talking, like;

"Hey, I cut out ten girls dresses yesterday" said friend.

To which I respond as I pull myself off the floor at the thought of cutting out ten girls dresses in one sitting,

"Not in all the same fabric I hope".

And on we ramble for long periods of time as to the specific fabric chosen and the methods to which we sew our things together. Blah, blah.

This is where I came unstuck. So caught up in the Amy Butler pink peony choice of fabric I was, that as I was making chocolate cake, I forgot a main ingredient. Unfortunately, it wasn't the flour - which possibly could have resulted in a fairly decadent cake. Nooooooo......I forgot the sugar! And to add insult to injury, only discovered this on removing the odd looking cake from the oven. Now, had I been a bowl licker I would have discovered this ill fated mishap and been able to rectify it. But I'm not and I didn't.

So I made another. Better second time round. Decorated with sisterly love for the pre birthday bash.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

The Itchy Dress

This little Japanese book is super sweet. So super sweet, that I've made one of the dresses in the book twice this month. The first was for here, in some gorgeous natural linen. And the second was for Phoebe in a little lineny, cottony, Lisa Ho - y, not to surey of the composition fabric. Of course, on the first (and final fitting) she declared that it was itchy (read - you will have to bribe me big time mama to get a shot of me in this thing) and that she wanted a pink one. A PINK ONE. Are you kidding? So, I will make a pink one soon.

Note: Jewels, models own

Itchy, itchy,itchy. Get it off!