Thursday, 22 May 2008

The Latest

Here is my latest project, started whilst camping. It's a little hand pieced Mariners Star block. I've used one of my top 10 favourites for the hexagons - Amy Butler's Lacework in grey from her Lotus range. I wanted to combine some of my older Amy's with the new Midwest Modern range for this block. My next dilemma is what fabric to use for the triangles that square up the block. I was trying to avoid being predictable and using pink, but I have to say I'm leaning heavily towards this Vintage Peony Rose fabric.

I'm planning to do a few more of these blocks then branch out with something strippy and busy and fun from there. That's as far as the planning has gone for this now working girl, who just wants to sit at home on her days off and madly sew the things she's dreamed up in the days gone by. But.........I haven't done that this week. Too many friends visiting, needing me to lunch and listen to their woes and that's ok, I'm lucky to have such great friends, but do you think I could stitch and listen too? Tomorrow I'll post a picture of that strippy foundation pieced star quilt that I did for Phoebe. I finished it quite a while ago and have not posted the finish quilt, so tomorrow I will.

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alexandra said...

This one is: delicate chiffon dresses clinging to slender frames, a pile of old silk duvets at the foot of an old painted bed frame, and the perfect lilac of an old ladies rinse.

All I mean to say is, this is beautiful.