Tuesday, 12 August 2008


Ok. If you seriously love Liberty so much, perhaps you could pop into Scanlan & Theodore and pick up these little darlings. Or, you could just go to the newsagent and pick up this week's Grazia magazine and just dream about a new installment of gorgeousness.

And, can you believe this fabric is still going strong? I had a dress made by my grandmother in this very same print about, oooooo, 32 years ago. Then in my twenties I had a very dainty little puff sleeved blouse in the purple colourway. For some reason it reminds me of rice bubbles. Not sure why? Must have eaten rice bubbles in my dress as a wee one!


potty mouth mama said...

Maybe you could get them and write them off as a tax deduction, given you work at Calico + Ivy??

Colette said...

I wish I could wear these. On my size 40 foot they would look ridiculous. I will pop in and look at them at their(Scanlan and Theodore) Chatswood store.

I never tire of the 70's inspired ditsy little florals and even I had dresses in fabrics like these as a girl. Might have to make some sweet tops for my girls this summer.

love your blog btw.


Laura Jane said...

Gorgeous blog

Thanks for visiting mine!

So...you're in Perth? Me too!