Thursday, 4 September 2008

Hexagons, Parties, Anything....

This boy is holding up only 5 fingers, but he actually turned 8 this week. Yo, yo, bling, bling!

This is the little visitor we had this past week. I think they are butterfly watching. Cute.

This is what's up on my design wall at the moment. Big hexagons with lots of Garden Party by Anna Maria Horner and some Kaffe and a fair bit of Kei red honeycomb.

My latest love. I spotted something similar on a gorgeous Japanese girl in the shop a few months back. I couldn't stop looking at the beautiful creation that her mother in Japan - who owns a quilt shop - had made for her. She had her Mum make me one too. I love it. All vintage feedsack fabrics. Can you see the fabric that Denise Schmidt must have got her inspiration from?


Cathy said...

I am in love with that bag - how lucky are you! Your 8 year old looks so cute!

potty mouth mama said...

Yo Yo Yo!

Hey rad dawgs.

Bag looks great - loving it. Is that a vintage fabric that you thought was Denise's? (cause I know Denise).

Cute shots of the little ones.

Love the hexagons. Gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Its mine, mine ,mine, The hexagonals look fantastic, I have come back inspired,from my week and a bit in Perth, Thanks for the great stay. Made one crotcheted flower....took a bit but I got there now for my next lesson. Love the photos, great memories, fantastic inspiaration and a great load to ad to my stash.

Anonymous said...

ooooh the bag is gorgeous - and yes I see Denise's inspiration. I have that in my stash - some day I'll use it. I love your quilt work too. See you Saturday!

Katie said...

ooh aaah lubbin that quilt and bag too. Congrats to the birthday boy for reaching the big 8

The Beetle Shack said...

so ive just been quietly going through your archives, you know as we freaky bloggers do- and it would appear you are majorly talented!

im stickin' round!