Friday, 28 August 2009

The Gentle Art of Multi Tasking

I'm a firm believer in multi tasking. I love to have a multitude of things on the hop at once, whether it be those of the domestic kind or perhaps the creative. Whatever it may be I like to mix it up. Yesterday however, I came unstuck. I was talking to a good friend whilst making a cake. Now when I mean talking, I'm talking real talking, not just how's the weather talking, but, real talking, like;

"Hey, I cut out ten girls dresses yesterday" said friend.

To which I respond as I pull myself off the floor at the thought of cutting out ten girls dresses in one sitting,

"Not in all the same fabric I hope".

And on we ramble for long periods of time as to the specific fabric chosen and the methods to which we sew our things together. Blah, blah.

This is where I came unstuck. So caught up in the Amy Butler pink peony choice of fabric I was, that as I was making chocolate cake, I forgot a main ingredient. Unfortunately, it wasn't the flour - which possibly could have resulted in a fairly decadent cake. Nooooooo......I forgot the sugar! And to add insult to injury, only discovered this on removing the odd looking cake from the oven. Now, had I been a bowl licker I would have discovered this ill fated mishap and been able to rectify it. But I'm not and I didn't.

So I made another. Better second time round. Decorated with sisterly love for the pre birthday bash.


Cindy said...

I guess if you could stomach it, it would be guilt free at least.

PottyMouthMama said...

That is something I would do. Except I put it in the oven, ten minutes later I realise, pull it out of the oven, put missing ingredient in and mix furiously, fingers crossed. Well done on the 2nd go!