Thursday, 5 November 2009

Start Spreadin' The News

My trip was a long time coming, so I was so excited the day I was leaving Australia for the fact that I could finally call my nearest and dearest and greet them with my deepest Frank voice and sing "start spreadin' the news.....I'm leavin' today......". I followed this theme up on our last night in Houston as we were drifted off to sleep at about 2am - I think -when the room was quiet and the other two girls had almost drifted off, I thought it high time to start spreading the news, because indeed, tomorrow we were leaving for the big lights of the big apple! Ahhh, funny!

First stop Grand Central Terminal. Aptly named. Amazing, beautifully kept building in very grand proportions.

We purchased a weekly ticket and away we were to Soho. So cool this place is, uber cool. Such a feast for the eyes.

Cool guys, a very regular experience in New York.

Christian Louboutin's famous red soles walking Broadway.

How my sister would have loved this! Can you imagine the frenzy you would send customs into if you tries to bring this home? A whole episode of Border Security dedicated to the deer methinks!

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PottyMouthMama said...

I'm leavin' today.

For NYC. I'll pack light. Buy everything over there. Tell Matt to follow me with the kids. Once I find an appropriate abode, of course. GORG!