Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Bright Star

Last week, I found myself sans les enfants, so I decided to meander through the shops, have sushi for dinner and then head to the Dendy to see the very beautiful Bright Star. Blissful it was, all of it, but especially the movie, I floated home. It was beyond beautiful actually. Go and see it. Jane Campion has done an amazing job. The storyline is romantic and dreamy yet sensitive, and oh, so sad. I absolutely loved the costumes. Every one of them.

Much to my delight, there were many Sophie Digard pieces worn by both Fanny and Toots Brawne.
Not to mention the ruffles and feathers and English countryside and wit and Bluebell walks and Georgian homes and Daffodil gardens and desperation and divine fabric stitched exquisitely and passion and intimacy and wonderful music and pure, pure love.

This is a "must own" movie. And you can get your very own Sophie Digard here.


PottyMouthMama said...

Cripes, I didn't realise they were Digard pieces. Go your super sleuth!! Some of my favourite scenes were of her sewing on her bed.

And I kept wondering throughout the film, why didn't she make him a gorgeous tailored jacket in midnight velvet. Now that would have tipped me over the edge in the romance factors. Damn it Fanny.

DebO said...

I have decided you should be a personal shopper or tour guide to all things delicious, beautiful, interesting and awesome or maybe just the yummy mummy you are with a great blog!
Many customers have told me of the use of Sophie Digard's pieces in this movie... now just have to get my bod over to the cinema and have a look for myself.

Danielle said...

to own and wear that Sophie Digard cardigan would be such a pleasure although I think I would be admiring it all day and I'd get nothing done... x