Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Dolly Bangles

I used to call myself Dolly Bangles when I was little. But more often I would call myself, Choccy Bangles Football Froggy Watermelon Iceblock! I'm thinking that they must have been my favourite things. Not sure about that Football though - still not a fan. I'm still known to many by this name today, in all different forms. My little nephews - Noah and Oskar, just call me Choc. I dare not say that name in this house though, as Phoebe wants the real thing when she hears it!

Recently I thought I should make some real dolly clothes for Phoebe's often naked dolly. I was so excited when I found this great, real doll clothes pattern from the Simplicity archives. I couldn't resist this cute, sheet like, Japanese fabric from Spotlight, that just screamed - "make me into a cute 1940's dolly dress, now!" So I did. And here it is. No midriff showing tops on dolly in this house!

Now, back to my name, maybe I might modify it to my current favourite things. How about, Choccy Bangles Pale Pink Peony Fabric Frou Frou Vintage Crafting Summer Mama?

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potty mouth mama said...

Oh my goodness. LOVE it. So cute.