Monday, 21 January 2008

Sewing stuff

Have had a little bit of inspiration arrive in the mail last week. Nothing like the anticipation of a package to arrive. Nothing like the package arriving! Anyway, amongst my goodies was this great book - Feedsacks! Beautiful Quilts from Humble Beginnings by Edie McGinnis. Such a gorgeous book. It's a great read - some quilt books are just a "great look", but this is a "great read" too! I fell in love with my sister's copy and resisted until I could resist no longer.

The book inspired me to pull out my stack of feedsack stuffs. Vintage quilt blocks and a top, some feedsacks too. I really love stacking them up, rearranging them, dreaming of where they have been and what I could do with them and then putting them away again. Actually, I do a lot of that, except I'm not so good at the putting away bit and that leads to mess. Good mess though.

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