Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Garden Party

These are two fabrics from Anna Maria Horner's new range of fabrics, "Garden Party". It is such a beautiful range.
I was busy over the weekend sewing up an Oliver+S pattern for the latest window at Calico and Ivy. It's the Puppet Show Tunic up the top with the little shorts. Tres cute! The shop front of Calico and Ivy is so beautiful and just perfect for dressing up. Here is the last window, filled with Amy Butler wholesomeness. A little too reflective, so I'll try and get a snap of the latest window in the evening. If in Perth, come and check it out. Debbie has done a gorgeous new quilt to inspire.


alexandra said...

Gorgeous fabrics, and can't wait to see your handiwork. The window looks great.

Part of the allure of Calico & Ivy is that lovely large window, it's meant for dreaming. x

Cathy said...

Hi Sarah - that will be gorgeous. It's funny I am doing the exact same thing at Amitie. Making up the Oliver & S Patterns. I have done one of them in a new Liberty and the other one another new fabric (can't remember what). What do you think of the patterns? I will be very interested to hear!

The window display looks beautiful.

Cathy said...

just had another look at your post - they are the two that I have done. Now I really want to know what you think!