Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Vintage Treasure

Full of feedsack delights, one of my vintage treasures. This little quilt top is hand pieced 1 1/2 " squares. A little tatty around the edges, but that's all part and parcel of a vintage piece that has so many never to be answered questions I have for the unknown stitcher of this gem. Like, what was your life like? Were you loved warmly, tenderly, honestly? Did you provide warm hugs for your Grandchildren and wipe your hands on your apron when you placed that homemade cake into the oven? Did you chop the wood for your fire and pick the roses from your garden? Did you stitch at night with your loved ones beside you? I hope, dear stitcher, that you had a good, full life, as happy as this quilt sitting on my lap today.


alexandra said...

Mmm. I like all your questions pondered. It really does open up a whole new world. Wondering why she bought each of the fabrics, whether they had special meaning. Domestic arts are a wonderous thing. Aren't they?

Brierley & Clover said...

Oooh, you gave me goosebumps with those questions. I always think those things when I buy vintage children's books - I wonder if they read them under the covers when they were supposed to be asleep or tuned out to the rest of the world until the mystery was solved. Great post :)