Thursday, 10 July 2008


photos: Cees Van Gelderen. Taken from Marie Claire Idees No69 - Juin 2008

photo : me. Taken today - poor lighting and all! Just wrote that to see if you read this.

photos: Grant Cornett, styling: Olivia Pintos-Lopez, flower design: Nicolette Owen.

The online mag Small Magazinehas done the most gorgeous photo shoot, all Frida Kahlo - esque. I don't quite know that Phoebe is up for one of those upstyles just yet.........but I am! Now Jenny from Allsorts has already blogged about it, but I just couldn't let it go without doing my own, especially given the latest issue of Marie Claire Idees has a gorgeous Mexicano extravaganza happening on their pages too. And I am so loving that smock top up the top of the page and wishing that my hands could/would work a whole lot faster on the gazillion projects I have going, so I could embark on this little beauty. Alternatively, I dream of being able to just dream up projects, start them and then pass them onto some fabulously quick handed person for finishing. Maybe I could teach my hubby to sew. Marathons/sewing? Marathons/sewing? Mmmm....maybe he might to embark on a marathon of sewing with me. Note: He did a marvellous effort in a marathon on Sunday! Nothing to do with sewing.
The middle top is a gift from Pete's parents - all the way from Switzerland. It is super sweet and I can't wait for Phoebe to love it. And she will!
Thanks to my sister and her hilarious post about my foray into boot scooting in the name of being famous one day. Kidding.

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alexandra said...

I was going to write an Ode to the Monobrow. But for some reason today there's nothing witty coming out of my brain (I almost typed brow). I'll just crack myself up ok. Great top. Great photo. Nothing like a smocked top. Hot summer days. Bright flowers. Cigars. And a honking big monobrow. But Frida, we do love you.