Friday, 14 March 2008

Forever in blue jeans

Yes, that is a really cool Neil Diamond song. Sad, I know, as I'm in my early thirties! Anyway, I didn't make blue jeans, but I did make a denim pini. Cute as. I haven't sewn a garment in denim before - I leave that to Ksubi, Sass and Bide (pronounced like that thing that washes your bot bot) and Lee - but I wanted to make this pini for Phoebe out of denim, so I did. I'm a denim convert. It's good to sew.

I know you will be all shocked to know that Phoebe - surprise, surprise - don't like! I was telling my Mum this, this morning and I think she thinks it's a bit of history repeated. When I was about 3 should bought me a very cool yellow dress made out of shiny plastic stuff. She loved it, I hated it! It was actually cool beyond cool for the 70's. A piece a fashionista of today would pull out for her child to wear - were there fashionista's in the 70's? Anyway, Mum said she used to bribe me to wear it. Funny, as I had just finished bribing Phoebe into the above to measure the elastic for the back. It cost me 2 freckles!

I like it, she will wear it. It will look cute with a stripey skivvy and red and white spotted leggings. The chocolate is in the pantry ready, Phoebe!

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potty mouth mama said...

and a little jauntily placed beret!