Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark!

'Tis fit for a little lady?

Mmmm. Perhaps a little more Shakespearean then I would desire!

On completion of this little smock (remember, I had to alter the collar to fit around the yoke), well, I managed to get this onto Phoebe and it's huge! The collar is way out near her shoulders. Funny, it was the yoke that was incorrect after all. I wasn't to know, but it's a lesson learnt. If I do another attempt, I will need to alter the yoke piece. It's much larger in the pattern picture. I just assumed that they weren't into drawing to scale pre 1966! Below is a picture of the liberty detail of the yoke - it's subtle, you'll only be able to see it as she runs through the meadows, collecting butterflies with her Mummy made butterfly catcher!

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potty mouth mama said...

Belt it baby!
Spotty leggings, striped roll neck. Cute to boot. Almost giving myself a cute attack now! x