Friday, 13 June 2008


The Quiltmaker's Gift is a book that was given to my son Oliver a couple of years ago by Kate, his aunty. He loves it. It's a story of a greedy king with many belongings, who learns, with the help of a generous and kind hearted quilter, to give away his belonging and find true happiness in the gift of giving. The story and it's prequel "The Quiltmaker's Journey" are written by Jeff Brumbeau and superbly illustrated by Gail de Marcken.

Oliver loves the connections between these books and what I do, what I create. He loves nothing more than poring over the elaborate illustrations discussing the quilts he would love me to make him. I love that he loves these books and that he takes such an interest in what I do - everything is quilting in his tender 7 year old eyes - crocheting, sewing, embroidery - he wraps it all under the one tag. Sweet.

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alexandra said...

So, so sweet. Makes my heart all warm. That book looks gorgeous. I never knew it existed.