Sunday, 29 June 2008

Happy Birthday Sister!

It's my little sister's birthday today. Happy Birthday! I love birthdays. Special days to make special people feel special all day.
I like to make things for people, so when she kept joking with me and asking me whether I was making her a large pleated bag of posts gone by - I had great pleasure in saying no. But little did she know that I was making the above bag. In my favourite fabric of the moment - some of Anna Maria Horner's Garden Party. I am absolutely loving this range of fabric - every singe bit of it! So Happy Birthday again little sister - hope you had a great day. xx

Rather looks a little like a fig, doesn't it!

1 comment:

alexandra said...

Oh my goodness, like it?? I LOVE IT, it's already made it's debut on the sunny streets of Sydney.

I love every single bit of it.

You are way too clever. Love you! x