Sunday, 22 June 2008

Thrifted Find

Last Friday, I went op shopping. I picked up a few sewing treasures but this was the find of the week. It's a recipe file and it's extra special because my Mum has one just like. Mum's is well used, but this is in pristine condition. It cracks me up really - it's quite, well, uglyish, sort of. I mean, was there a food stylist involved? I don't think so! After all there is a fruit loaf, fruit on a silver platter, a lone lemon, an egg and eggcup, a boat ??, and a small ornamental boat in the photo. Very interesting. We've come a long way in Australia - think of the beautiful styling in a Donna Hay magazine.

You may notice my colour change. I'm going pink for a week. I was so saddened by the news of Jane McGrath yesterday. Being a Mummy of three children, my heart goes out to her children who will be without their Mummy and of course to her husband who has lost his best friend. And sadness for her, 42 is such a young age. You can donate to her worthy cause here. The foundation raises money to provide breast care nurses in the homes of women in rural and regional Australia, when diagnosed with breast cancer.


Domestic Goddess said...

OMG, Choc do you remember Mum had this book, perhaps she still does.....ohhh freaky

alexandra said...

That book is hilarious.

Beautiful pink, a great reminder. Thanks for doing the button - I clicked through and donated - such a great cause.