Sunday, 8 June 2008

Stripped Spiderswebs

Last year I was chatting to a lady at the Kaffe Fassett lecture in Perth. She was a knitter and I was a quilter and we were chatting back and forth about our respective passions. She mentioned that she once had thought she would one day like to do some patchwork, but on looking at the fabric decided against it as the fabric was beautiful as it was and she really couldn't understand why you would cut up something and sew it together again. I sort of understand her thinking - especially when you think of the process of knitting. But I love to cut the fabric up, the more the better I think. So I'll stick to patchwork I think. I've had so much fun creating these octagons. Here are my strips cut with the Marti Michell Kaleidoscope ruler and sewn together again.

This is my favourite one.

A bit of Liberty of London thrown. All you die hard Liberty fans will know which one it is - anyone who's not sure, it's the white one with knitting needles and yarn on it.

Below, is a gorgeous gift of Liberty for my birthday from a gorgeous gal - Danielle. Thanks so much, I just love it.


Cathy said...

those blocks are beautiful - you are very clever - and I am so envious of your Liberty fabric.

dizzyjadey said...

Beautiful blocks! I found you via Cathy's (miss marzie) blog. Your colour combos are lovely.

alexandra said...

Oh gosh, you are certainly prolific! These are just MAGIC! I love them. Love the colours, a bit of Morocco, a bit of that fruit salad you love, the palette is just mmm mmm mm.

Danielle said...

do you do lessons? love the blocks - they are simply beautiful