Thursday, 10 April 2008


Richard Scarry's books are just delightful for children. My Henry would study the minute details of the Best Word Book Ever, on a daily basis. He especially loved the Richard Scarry book that was his Daddy's when he was a boy. Whenever I'm out thrifting around and I see a Richard Scarry book, I always pick it up to add to our collection. Recently on my trip to Sydney, my sister Anna and I took a quick trip to the Southern Highlands. We covered a few patchwork shops and some antique shops too. Imagine the delight when we found this Richard Scarry fabric. It's a 1930's reproduction and I love it. It has some of the Rabbit, Pig and Cat Families featured, I can't see Lowly though! I look forward to the treasure that this will be someday for somewhere. Not sure what just yet, but one day I'll make something special.

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alexandra said...

Yes! I can't wait til you make me a big puffy skirt out of it. JUST KIDDING!