Friday, 11 April 2008

Mummy Dilemma

Next week is Phoebe's 2nd Birthday - yay! Today I took her to the toyshop to get some presents for the big day. I came away very confused. This toyshop is big, but despite this, she made her way to the dolly section found a nice sized dolly and a capsule and carried her around and around the shop. Clearly this girl wants a dolly and a capsule. But I would prefer her to have wooden cradle not plastic pink capsules! Conflict of interests here. Maybe I'm being over the top.

I am, however, in love with Corolle dolls. They are french designed and just delightful. They even have sweet little eyes that blink. I'm thinking of the one that can go in the bath and air drys in 5 minutes. She also can put her finger in her mouth.

Now, before I lose you completely, below is a Corelle Les Dollies Doll and she is tres cute. Perhaps not this year for Phoebe, maybe next. They are marketed as stylish dolls that are hip and fashionable - a perfect alternative to today's sexed up dolls. At first I was a little freaked out by that hair, but now I find it quite charming. She has little freckles and she smells really good......she's vanilla.

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alexandra said...

PINK HAIR!? Cute though, bet she'd love them!