Thursday, 17 April 2008

It's My Birthday Today

.....I'm older than yesterday. All my friends are coming over to play and we'll all sing happy birthday, today!

Here is some happy snaps of our little Phoebe's 2nd birthday. She had two lots of cupcakes and was a little more animated second time around! That photos in the middle is average of the boys - with mouthfuls of lollies, but check out that cheeky girl in her new dress from her Aunty. The last one is a quick happy birthday. Whilst we were having a special birthday dinner for our girl, she requested her dummy and bear ( read, I'm ready for bed everyone). So we quickly did the "cake" and whisked the little 2 year old off to bed. Tired. I think she's had a good day. The boys admitted at dinner tonight that they ate half the smarties off the cupcakes before they went out, I've just checked the photo - I did decorate half with smarties, and yes some are gone........monkeys!


Anonymous said...

Oh, how delicious are those children, hope Peebee had a wonderful day, I love that photo of her by candle light...tooo gorgeous anna

alexandra said...

Stop! Stop! You're making me teary! I feel like I'm missing out being so far away. Your visit made me feel it more and more. Love the photos of P-Bee's birthday. She is so angelic, eyes lit by candelight. I love the keen anticipation of those sweet morsels. CAKE! Happy Birthday to our little sweetie. x

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos Sar. Glad Phoebe had a lovely day. And doesn't Oliver look like his Daddy. Brings back memories! Hope you all enjoy your holiday. J xoxo