Saturday, 12 April 2008

Candy Shop Continued

Here is a little sneak peak of Scout's quilt in progress. I love this part of the quilt process. Actually doing this today made me think about the whole process of making a quilt. I love, love, love buying the fabric - who doesn't! If by chance you don't, send me your money and I'll do it for you! I often toss and turn over what design I want - rarely would I make the same quilt twice - unlike a very good friend of mine who likes to make the same quilt in all sizes! I don't mind cutting. This quilt has lots of little cutting involved as those triangles started off as 3.5 inch squares, and the cutting bit did get to me a little, actually I think I'll be cutting some more as I see more need for some colours and I've cut so much pink. The sewing bit is fun at first as you see the new project emerge, but then usually the monotony sets in and I need to set myself targets to get to the end. Finding a backing is usually something I think about as I sew. I have a bit of a stash of backing fabrics, usually ones I've found on sale. I have this thing about backing, you've got to love it, no regrets, you've put in so much effort to not love it. Basting quilts is the reaching the top of the second last mountain in my view. It's an energy consuming little process - all that rolling around on the ground, sore fingers, I need to psyche myself up, but I find it so rewarding to finally pull that tape off the ground and have your quilt ready for the quilting stage.
Then there is the hand quilting. I've only hand quilted my quilts because I was taught to quilt by a quilting purist - and I'm thankful to her for that. Not that there is anything wrong with machine quilting, I just don't know how to do it. I have to say I do find hand quilting a little tedious, especially on a large project. From time to time I do quilt in perle No.8. These girls are the Queens of perle quilting - even did a great DVD with Australian Quilters Companion, with some great tips, if you can get your hands on it. I have to say that I've just never really felt the calming effects that some speak of when hand quilting. So, why do I do it? Because it looks so good! Lastly is the binding, just like reading the final pages of a book, sometimes it's a little sad to be finishing a project. Mostly it's a really satisfying feeling, finish one, start the next. Usually the next one has already been started!

I popped this on the wall this afternoon, just to get an idea of where I was going. I got my inspiration for this one from an vintage quilt on ebay. I loved it and printed it out and filed it. It says that the quilt was from the 30's or 40's and was actually mad with full squares folded in half so the front and the back are identical. Now, my brain doesn't quite grasp that. Where do those seams go? Anyway, I'll save my brain strain and not worry, as that is not how I've made this.

This is my work in progress table. Triangles waiting to be paired up and sewn together.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,
Your quilt looks great. Love that edit thing, where can I get it to justify that I have saved everything! Also, if you get a quarter square ruler you can strip cut those and that makes them really easy to sew together as well. hope you are well in Perth, k (MO)

alexandra said...

Oh gosh, it looks beautiful and makes me feel teary! You are so very clever and talented. It reminds me of all my favourite pages of picture books when I was a child, all put into one piece of beautiful artwork. I hope that makes sense, because it should read as a tribute to your beautiful creativity.

Sarah said...

Now Sarah, don't let me hear you talk about hand quilting that way again! Think calming, think restive, think medatative... and if that fails, call the machine quilter. I don't mind being referred to as the Queen of Perle at all, that's a crown Kath and I will both wear with pride :)

chq said...

I love this quilt...what a perfect name "candy shop". Are you having so much fun finding all of these great bits of fabric? What a cheery quilt!