Friday, 15 February 2008


Would you think that this little angel could get up to the mischief of 10 little children? It is a daily occurence that Phoebe gets into some kind of mischief right under my nose. And she is quick! This girl cannot be left alone for even a minute - that's all it takes. This week, whilst I was running between the school lunches and the ironing board, Phoebe managed to get a 500gm block of butter, a jar of vegemite and a butter knife off the kitchen bench and into her bedroom. Sensing her absence from the lounge room, I checked her bedroom, only to find her buttering a book and adding some vegemite to her Fisher Price bus. Fisher Price buses require vegemite you know! Agghhh, this girl could make me scream. And on the odd occassion where I have raised my voice, she looks at me with this bewildered but slightly amused look and says "Mumma? Mumma?" Yes, monkey, I'm still your Mumma, but sometimes I wish I wasn't the Mumma that always has to clean up the mess!

This is the time she got into my handbag and opened up my makeup bag, found a lipstick, Guerlain of course, and put it on......everywhere! I love the way that it's extra chucky on the side of her face. This was followed a week later by mascara ground into the carpet in not one, but two areas of our home. Mmmmm.....I wasn't at home for that one. We've been to the home of some friends, where she has found the kitchen pantry, found the sugar and poured it all over the kitchen floor. I cleaned it up, sat back down to dinner and was told later that she'd done it again. Perhaps she enjoyed watching about five kids licking it up from the floor like dogs!, you sure are cute, but you're a real trick.
And that feather boa, that was a pacifier at Spotlight recently. She spotted it on the bargain table and pointed to it, it was $2.00 and has provided hours of delight. Better than a chocolate and bought me some extra browsing time.

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potty mouth mama said...

She is SOoooooSOOOOooooSOOOO cute!