Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Emptier Nest

Anna and Oskar went home yesterday. It's quiet. Very quiet. And I'm sad that they've gone. We had a great two weeks, going about daily life together. We've sewn together, sat together, shopped together, eaten and drank together and generally had a whole lot of sisterly togetherness. It was good.

The kids had fun together too. With the weather being as hot as it has it's been bathtime outside. All spare buckets and Ikea storage boxes were recruited until we got a little more clever and found the old baby bath in the shed later in the week. I love the fact that this activity brings so much fun and will no doubt be firmly planted into the memories of the older boys. Ahhh, this is what Summer and childhood memories are all about.

Here's Oliver kicking back on his lonesome. Loving it!

Anna and I had a few trips to Calico and Ivy whilst she was over. This is a happy snap of the gorgeous bits that Anna picked up there. I kept walking past this bag full of yummy, so I took a photo when she wasn't looking! Yum.

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