Monday, 25 February 2008

My Tricky Brain Strain!

I decided the other day to make a top for Phoebe. It was going to be quick and simple, using a vintage pattern. I decided to make some changes, just adding a liberty yoke instead of the plain one on the pattern. That was fine, it was adding the Peter Pan collar that caused me a mighty headache! It seems that the pattern piece for the collar is incorrect. It only goes half way around the yoke. So after some deliberation and discussion with Lynnie and Anthea at Calico and Ivy, I came away with some good ideas on how to fix my problem. So today is the day for fixing.

This is the yoke, waiting for the collar. So, off to Spotlight I must go for a slither of fabric to finish it.


Anonymous said...

Oh this is too cute, I was thinking about it yesterday, glad it worked out. Peebee will look gorgeous in it!!!!

potty mouth mama said...

Oh my goodness it's gorgeous. I want one for myself. Hee hee. x

Brad, Julianne, Meg, Tom & Lucy said...

My goodness Sar! Your blog is wonderful. I don't know how you get the time to do it - let alone do all that wonderful sewing. You are very good at prioritising and having time for yourself. Either that or you stay up really late each night! I only have 3 entries on my blog and have not done a scrapbook page in 6 months! Well done.