Friday, 29 February 2008

He Who Hesitates!

Is lost! Big bugger. I ordered a piece of this off the internet before Christmas, not really knowing what to expect. When it arrived , I fell in love! It's sweet and pretty and oh so girly. The roses are blowsy, rose petal jammy. Half a metre was just not going to be enough and as it was super cheap, I thought it would be a great backing one day and that I needed more. As the computer showed that there was 109 units (1/2 a yard is a unit), I was in no hurry. What were my 8 units going to be in 109 - nothing! So last night when I went to order, I pulled up my wish list and zippo, no response, the code went to some other random fabric. After a frantic, "oh, no, this can't be" search, I sent and email. The response was a big negative. SOLD OUT!!!

I think I'll get over it, but I just hate it when I hesitate and I lose. I have to confess, this isn't the only time this has happened. The same happened for the gorgeous linen fabric below. It's a fabric from the 30's Collection by Atsuko Matsyama. She's one of my favourite fabric designers. She does cute but not too cute designs, ranging from birds to posies of flowers and those gorgeous ginghams that look like gingham cut on the bias. Sweet.
Mmmmm........ it's only fabric after all.

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potty mouth mama said...

Oh poop! I love them both, those strawberries are divine.. Conjures lazy picnics, or afternoons spent in the garden... Sigh.. Google it!