Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Fruit Salad and Cream

I have a lengthy list of to do's. Today, I was able to tick one of those off. I have finished the top of the quilt I started last year for the Kaffe Fassett workshop. That was the top I finished, not the quilting or the binding! That will need to go on the To Do List! The quilt is the Morning Glory Quilt from Kaffe's book Kaleidoscope of Quilts. Kaffe came to Australia last year and Anna and I were lucky enough to attend here in Perth. At the end of the workshop, Kaffe walks around the room and positively critiques everyones work for the day. He described my quilt as fresh, lacey, fruit salad and cream! Mmmm.....I'm thinking of making it into a table cloth. Kidding! I don't mind lying under layers of food. I like good food.

The quilt, as in the book is a rather odd size, very long and narrow. At the persistence of my girlfriend Lindy, who likes useful quilts and not quilts that have been made with a "oooo, I need to make this larger I'll just add a border", I enlarged it by an extra panel. It took a little bit to convince me, but, yes Lindy, I'm glad I did! So, now to the next bit, I've decided to use Kaffe's Bekah - the orange/pink one for the backing. I'm hoping it won't be quilt overkill - could be you know! Anyway, that will be a while off yet. Big list that To Do List is!
Can you see any pineapples?


potty mouth mama said...

It is looking really great. I love it! I can't see any pineapples.. But heck, you should check out my melons.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god, it's hot tomale!! Love it love it love it!!!
You crazy sister!!!
Can't remember my login, so it's from random anonymous.