Sunday, 24 February 2008

Happy Anniversary Baby.....Got You On My Mind

Happy 12th wedding Anniversary Pete

Warning: Read at own risk, content may cause you to blush!

Last night we went out to celebrate our 12th Wedding Anniversary, that is actually today. We had a great meal at il lido in Cottesloe. Food was goooooood. Pete had a Osso Bucco cooked in white wine with green olives and polenta and I had Pappardelle with Beef Shin, rich and delicious, I could have eaten another bowl. We shared a salad of Rocket, Peach and Gorgonzola, yum. For dessert we had a pot of Tiramisu for two - best one I've ever eaten I think, not too coffeey, creamy, delicious. This place is funk all over. Wines are served in those cool Riedel O series glasses.

After dinner we headed to Kings Park to the Moonlight Open Air Cinema to see Atonement. Pete had booked the "Gold Grass" seats, beanbags and all! We almost sat on some friends before we realised they were there - funny! We loved the movie, Keira Knightley is lovely. James McAvoy is strong and dashing. I think I need to see it again. It was cute lying there with my love, glass of wine and the stars twinkling above. We had to schnuggle under my pashmina - it was chilly.

We had a mighty giggle when Gina Mckee (Forsyte Saga) appears as Sister Drummond. Nearly three years ago, we watched The Forsyte Saga together, loved it. It is a story that is full of irony, humour, sexual tension and pathos, the vicissitudes of the leading members of the upper-middle-class Forsyte family(like those big words?). Loved it so much..........well, let's just say that when Pete saw her on film last night, he said, she's the reason for little Phoebe! Not, Gina Mckee, but the spirit that that mini series invoked in us, Pete and me. Oh, Irene, Bossiney, Soames, Jolyon. Aghh, you'd love it if you haven't seen it!

Such a great night together, thanks babe!

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potty mouth mama said...

Happy Anniversary! So glad you had such a wonderful night together! x