Wednesday, 13 February 2008


On Monday, Anna and I went up to the Op shop around the corner from my place and picked up a bootie for a bargain. The shop is full of goodies after being closed for 8 weeks and the ladies are so generous giving you most things for a dollar or two. I got two embroidery hoops, a fishbowl vase, some gorgeous doilies and a great find, an Irish linen tablecloth, ready to be embroidered. All that was about $6.00. Love that. One of those hoops has a Beatrix Potter crossstitch in it, mmm......I have two sisters and they both start with A. Mmmmm.... I think they would both think it would be a joke if I gave it to them. They aren't really the cross-stitch type. That is if it even is cross-stitch, I'm many things, but not a cross-stitcher!

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Sarah said...

Can't believe you put that there! I like it though! Says Oliver after seeing himself.